Monday, September 15, 2008

KIDS & SCHOOL, and Christina's health issues.....

Well, school has been going for quite awhile now and boy am I happy! I get my time back. Well, I guess I should say that I SHOULD have MY TIME back! But...both Christina and Jessica have been sick off and on and I can't wait for that to be a done deal!!! Anyways...Jessica has only been sick a couple of times. Christina is back at being REALLY sick! Lauren is really happy in the school here, and loves her classes and has made a ton of friends there, and I am happy about that.
Christina went in for an ultrasound today so they could try to find out what is wrong. I went in the room with her. The lady that did the ultrasound said that she wasn't allowed to tell me anything, but I asked questions about general things, and she would answer those for me. She went to Christina's left ovarie first and showed it to me. Then she went to her right ovarie, and i asked her what the huge black spot was below it and she said it was part of her ovarie. Then she said that she couldn't tell me anything else about it. I am assuming, since it looked completely different than the left side, that her cyst is back, or never went away, and came in full force now! If that was the cyst, then it is VERY huge! We won't find out anything about the ultrasound until either tomorrow or Wednesday. Hopefully not too long, since Christina has been missing so much school because of it! She is in so much pain and the pain meds do not seem to be working for her any more! She has had several blessing (Prayer with the laying on of hands), and it's STILL bad. Please continue to pray for her, and I will keep you all updated when I know more! THANKS!

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