Monday, September 1, 2008


I just have to say that I HATE shopping with girls!!! It just can NEVER go fast enough when we are shopping! We got up and left at 815 am this morning to go school clothes shopping, and we didn't get back until 445pm today. I am SOOO sore and exhausted, but it is FINALLY done! YESSSSS!!! Now bring on Wednesday for school to start! I can't wait till then so I can get some ME time again! Bob said that the Russians call the 1st day of school "Parents Celebration Day." I AGREE!!!

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Emily said...

you must not be related to ROB. but you and i, well, we must be sisters-by-heart. Rob loves to shop and is really good at it. I HATE to shop, period. Well, i take that back- i kinda do enjoy shopping with Rob because he knows what he is doing! put your feet up and put in a chick-flick! (BTW- I recommend "The Ultimate Gift")