Tuesday, September 16, 2008


O.k. people! I am TOTALLY going crazy with how everything is going since Bob is gone! Both Christina & Lauren need to have surgery done! I guess when it rains it pours!!!
Lauren has a cyst on her lower lip that has been there for almost 3 months now, and she needs her wisdom teeth out too!
Christina's cyst has grown to almost 4 inches on her right ovarie and now she is starting to grow one on her left one as well. She tried birth control, and it obviously isn't working for her, so now on with a surgery! She sees the OB/GYN this Thursday and we will see from there. They FINALLY gave her some good drugs to where she can atleast get out of bed. She hasn't even been going to school because EVERYTHING was hurting her, down to even eating and drinking, and walking around. So...We will see!
Anyways...I am missing my "ME" time that I was just writing Emily Davis about getting because she can! But...as all mothers know...You are always a mother first!
I'll keep you all posted when I hear more!

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Emily said...

yikes! wish we were closer so we could help out. is there anything we can do from here? thinking of you!