Monday, June 22, 2009

UPDATE on family ~

O.k. We thought that Christina might have an issue with either her gallbladder, or have cushings disease, since ALL of her symptoms where a symptom of cushings. So last Wednesday, we went into the hospital and had her bllod checked out for the disease, and we just got the results back of BOTH tests, and was told that her gallbladder looks fine and her liver has some inflamed fat cells around it, but that it is fine too. Then the doctors told us the results of her Cushings Disease test. They said that the results came back fine also. I don't know if that is true though since our doctor didnt know much about it, so we will be going to get another opinion from a specialist hopefully here in town. SOMETHING is wrong with her and we WILL find someone that will find out what it is! She currently has an appt set at Children's hospital in the middle of August. Hopefully we wont need to go there and will find an answer before that time. We are just so tired of trying to find out what is going on with Chrstina and her health, and just want answers so she can get better and get on with her life as a normal almost 16 year old! This has been going on for 1 1/2 years now and it has to end soon! Please continue to keep her in your prayers that a doctor will find out what is wrong with her so we can be done with this whole thing! Thank you!

THEN, Bob just got called today and was told for the time being he is not going back to Russia again. They pulled everyone out of Russia and flew them back home today, and are not planning on sending anyone back again until the Russians pay them what they owe. This is really stupid and has been going on this way for quite awhile now. So, we don't know if Bob will be working any more, or have to be on unemployment now. His job really doesn't have anything else on the table right now due to the economy, soooo..... If Bob doesn't go back to work for them again, we might have to move out of our house into something cheaper so that we will be able to make it fine without him working. I bring in good money as a disabled veteran, but our mortgage payment is $3000 a month, so in order to have money for other bills, that wont work for us. It's o.k. Though. We will be better off than most other families that 1 parent looses a job. So, keep him in your prayers too with his job situation. Thanks!

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