Friday, May 29, 2009

Update on Christina ~

The lastest on Christina is that they were treating her for an ulcer, and she got worse. So, I took her back into the doctor, and she was concerned so they ran some more tests and set her up for an Upper GI. Once they had that done, they found that she didnt have an ulcer. They then told us that the whole problem is that Christina just has acid reflux. When I was told this I asked why Christina gained 16 pounds in 3 weeks, because Acid Reflux doesnt cause weight gain. The doctor said she had NO answer to that question. So, that is how we went away from that appointment. I was not satisfied with that answer and KNOW that there is more to this whole thing that we just are not getting the right answer yet!
Then this alst Friday, Christina was taken to the ER because she was in so much pain that she couldnt even sit up in bed to take her medication. She was so weak that she was having trouble raising her head as well. I finally got her up and out of the bed and I took her to the ER, where they ran some tests and came back with the same answer that we continually get..."Everything has come back fine, sooo..." Then we were sent home and told to follow up with our family care dr AGAIN, and see about getting in to see a specialist at the Gastroenterology Dept. Then we were sent home. I was REALLY upset that they didnt admit her or anything! So, on Monday I called our doctor and demanded a referral to the Portland's Children's Hospital, where I feel we will FINALLY get some answers to this whole mess. (I hope!) So, tomorrow I will be calling to finally set up an appt for Chrtistina to be seen ASAP. I was already told by the hospital that they are scheduling 6 weeks out, but if it is serious and our doctor adds an URGENT to the referral, then we will get in a lot faster. So, of course our dr added the URGENT to the referral. Sooo... I will post more info once I start getting some answers, which I hope will be soon!


Our Family said...

Please let her know that she is in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you get some needed answers.

Jennifer said...

I hope that she gets better soon! Have they checked her Gallbladder? I had pain for months, that they thought might be an ulcer/acid reflux, but turned out to be my gallbladder. It was so much better when I got it removed!

Let us know if you guys need anything - you'll be in our thoughts and prayers