Friday, December 26, 2008

Jessica and Santa Claus...

Even though Jessica is almost 14 years old physically, but mentally between 8-10 years old, she STILL thinks that there is a Santa Claus! Now let me explain why...
A few Summers ago, when we were living up in Lacey, WA, Jessica and I were in the postoffice and there was this man there that was wearing a red sweatshirt and some sweats, and looked an aweful lot like Santa Claus. She turned to me and asked me if that was Santa Claus and I said it sure looked like him, why dont you go and ask him. So...After a long time of getting her nerves up to go see, she walked over to him and asked, "Are you Santa Claus?" He turned to her and said, "Why yes I am! How have you been this year?" She was SOOO excited about it and came back running to tell me that it was. Now, the biggest thing that made this so REAL for her was when we walked out of the post office and saw a van in the parking lot with a license frame around it that stated, "MY OTHER CAR IS A SLEIGH!" I just loved it! It couldn't have been any more perfect!
Now, to this day, when anyone tells her that there is no such thing as Santa Claus, she turns to them and says, "Yes there is! He lives in Lacey, WA, when it's not Christmas time!"
Yes Jessica, there really is a Santa!

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