Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008...

Well, Christmas 2008 was a good year, except for the fact that Ashley and Gentry didn't make it here after all for Christmas! Gentry flew into WA 4 days before Ashley was supposed to. On the day that Ashley was supposed to fly in last Sunday, her flight was cancelled due to the aweful snow storm that both WA and OR were having. They couldn't get her here until the day after XMas, which was when they were going back home due to Gentry getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan at the 1st of the year. So, both Ashley and Gentry spent their Christmas apart this year, which really bummed them both out since he was leaving soon!
Anyways...Here are some pictures of our Christmas this year! ENJOY!!!!!
The 1st one was the girls and I after we all decorated the tree. This was before Bob and John came home. The kids on the stairs XMas morning. We had the Missionaries on XMas Eve & gave them gifts. Santa delivered a pool/ping pong table early since it wouldn't fit in his sleigh, and Unlce Mike & Aunt Joyce and family gave the girls all a nice shopping bag & calendar sheets. They gave the family some YUMMY cookies. All of their gifts had come with candies on them, but the cats got to a lot of them and ate them. Hahaha Lauren also got a computer for her bday/Xmas gift from both our family and her Grandma Tom.

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