Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween Party out come...

Well, I totally forgot to update how Christina's Halloween Party went, so I thought I would do it now!
I was just SHOCKED at how many kids showed up! I stopped counting at 67+, and I KNOW there were a TON more that showed up after that too. There were really no problems! Everyone was pretty well behaved! I had only 1 incident, and this girl ended up going to the ER when everyone was rough housing too much and someone accidentially jumped on this girls shoulder and threw it out. I very gently placed it back into socket so she could breathe again, but made her call her Mom to take her to the ER, because she didn't want to leave even though she was in emense pain.
Sooo...NO drugs, alcohol, or anything else showed up. I am assuming that is because most of the kids in this area think that I am a cop because I talk to some about when I used to work for the Sherriffs Dept in Riverside, C.A.
So...It was all good, and THANK HEAVENS for that!!! :-)

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