Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween pumpkins...

Well, yesterday, Saturday, the girls and I went to a local farm here to the pumpkin patch and went for a hay ride and went out to pick our pumpkins. It was a lot of fun! Jessica got to drive the tractor that pulled all of us people out to the pumpkin patch. She had a blast driving, and wanted to do it again! Unfortunately, Lauren decided to spend her time with her boyfriend instead of enjoying the fun day that we had. Oh well! know? So I attached the pumpkins with the girls holding them, and the pumpkins after they were carved. Mine is a pumpkin throwing up that says, "Too much candy." Christina's pumpkin is a witch on a broom by a full moon, that says, "Happy Halloween." Jessica's pumpkin is a tombstone that says RIP, with a star in the sky. They all turned out really good! I DO have to tell you all a funny thing that Jessica said while we were carving the pumpkins. A seed accidentally fell on the floor and Max went over to eat it and Jessica freeked out yelling, "Don't eat that Max!" I told her that it would be o.k. She said that she didn't want Max to grow a pumpkin inside of his belly and die because it would be big like our pumpkins. I just had to laugh when she said that! TOO FUNNY! Another funny thing said by Jessica to add to her memory book. Hehehe

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